Short History of Sugar and Taste

When it comes to improving our health, cutting down on sugar (or removing it from our diet) is one of the biggest moves we can make towards that goal. While we might not realize it, we tend to be addicted to added sugars. While we might be addicted to the taste of it, there can be dangerous implications for our health if we go overboard and have too much sugar. There is a way we can cut down on sugar while at the same time enjoy the sweet taste. Many businesses like to incorporate vending machines for extra snacks on the building.

Ways To Cut Down On Sugar And Alternatives

Sugary drinks are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to the amount of sugar we ingest. While some might opt to have diet soda in order to take advantage of the “no calories” label, it’s still not a harmless choice. Sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, and sodas contain a lot of sugar and contribute to 44% of the added sugar in the diet of Americans. Real fruit juice contains a lot of sugar as well. The sugar in it gets absorbed in the bloodstream right away, and that’s why people decide to cutting it from the diet since this make us to want to eat more food, some people also take appetite suppressants from West Word to be able to maintain a more healthy diet, or get the nutrisystem program.

One alternative to sugary drinks is water, as it has no calories and no sugar. If you’re looking for something with more taste, sparkly water with lemon or lime can also be a good alternative, or water with cucumber and mint. Tea, herbal, or fruit tea can also be consumed instead of soda, as well as coffee, as long as it’s not sweetened.


If you miss the taste of sugar and want to have something sweet, there are options available for that. One of them is Sugar Free Flavored Syrup, which will get you the taste you want, but without the sugar which could harm you. What this means is that you can still have a sweet drink with different flavors but with few calories and no sugar.

Other ways to cut down on our sugar intake is by limiting the amount of fruit we eat. Fruit has fructose, and while they can be a better alternative to processed sugars and to corn syrup which has high doses of fructose, there is a way to go overboard on fruit as well. A serving a day should be enough.

When it comes to buying food, the best thing to do is to read the label beforehand so that at least we’re aware of how much sugar we’re putting into our bodies. Sugar can hide in foods that are considered healthy too, including cereals and dried fruit. Even bread can have added sugar. In order to see if a food has added sugars, you can simply check the ingredient list. It is usually labeled under various names such as dextrose, maltose, rice syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.

The Dangers Of Sugar

From weight gain, heart disease, an increased risk of depression, sugar can have negative effects on our bodies. While some might use sugar as a way to spike their energy, this strategy is flawed. Foods which are high in added sugar can spike insulin levels and blood sugar quickly, which does lead to increased energy, but the energy state is brief. This is due to the fact that foods which have lots of sugar don’t have fiber, fat or protein, meaning that after the quick energy boost comes a sharp drop in the blood sugar level.

Added sugar has also been one of the main culprits when it comes to the rising rate of obesity worldwide, in case you, family or friends, we recommend the best weight loss pills for men. If we look at sugary drinks, they aren’t able to tackle hunger, which means that it makes it easy for people to simply consume a lot of liquid calories, which in turn leads to weight gain. Sugar-sweetened drinks are also linked to visceral fat in an increased amount, this being a deep belly fat that is linked to such conditions like heart disease and diabetes. If you’re looking for a diet supplement to help you lose weight fast, click here for more info on the best diet supplements on the market.

Consumed in small amounts, sugar can be okay for the body, but cutting back on it is definitely an important step. Added sugar has plenty of negative effects on our health, which means that we should never go overboard and at least keep things in moderation if possible. Despite its popularity, there are alternatives to foods and drinks with added sugar which don’t lack the taste but lack the dangers.