History of Technology

As talk about history of technology the thought comes in mind is the invention of tools and techniques and the invented things enabled us to create new things. That’s the reason behind every scientific happening. Technology made this possible, which assists humans to travel across different places, which are impossible without wheels. Time by time our technology is getting advanced as the sources available is more than earlier.

Our economy is depending on the technology. It is the technology which made the economic growth and becomes the important part of our life. Technological modernization exaggerated our cultural civilization. Technology in every department is growing day by day. Military power is also developing through it.


Computing technology development

Many sociologists and anthropologists who commerce with cultural development has formed social theories, like Leslie White, Lenski, and Lewis H. Morgan many more. They declared the technology main factor for human and social growth. According to them technology development is human civilization. As per Morgan’s theory common development is divided by the technology signpost like fire, bow and ceramic in savage age, conjugation of animals, cultivation, and metalworking in the barbarian age and the alphabet and inscription in society age. Professor White determined the compute to judge the development of society was energy. According to him harness and control energy is the most important role of culture. He did the difference in five stages of human growth. First is the energy of muscles of people. Second is domestic animal energy. Third is energy of plants. It is also known as agricultural rebellion. Fourth is natural resource energy, like coal, gas, oil, etc. and the fifth is nuclear energy. One formula is given by Professor White and that is P = E * T. In this formula E is an energy measure which is consumed, T is computing of competence of technical features utilizing the energy. Nikolai Kardashev theory created a scale. That scale categorizes the procedure of energy of highly developed civilizations.


Professor Lenski was more advanced. He wrote about information. He wrote about contemporary looms and focused on it. The additional information especially allowing the influential expected atmosphere is prearranged to civilization has, the more superior it is. According to him there are four stages of human development, and they are based on proceed in the past of communities. Genes pass the knowledge in first stage and in second stage humans increased sentience so that they can pass the information and can learn them as well through their skills. As per him the third stage is where humans start by secret language and expand logics. Human development of language, symbols creation and writing comes in forth stage. As per him progress in the technology of contact interprets into development through the monetary process and supporting system, division of affluence, social dissimilarity and other specialty of communal life. Professor Lenski also distinguishes the social order based on his third stage of technology, communicate and wealth, and they are Seekers and congregates, Straightforward farming, highly developed rural, Manufacturing or business, Particular fishing society.

Mentioned below are the technology inventions and its time period when it invented.

  • Olduvai stone technology. This technology is 2.5 million years old.
  • Acheulean stone technology which is 1.6 million old.
  • Fire creation and manipulation and is around 1.5 million years old. This technology was used when paleolithic was there.
  • Homo sapiens. This anatomy rise around 2 million years ago.
  • Clothing technology and is old from 1 million years which has currently evolved to devices like this wholesale screen printer.
  • A different technology was introduced around 1 million years ago and that is Stone tools.
  • Next is Ceramic technology and it was around 25000 BC old.
  • Domestication. This technology came around 15000, and it was for animals.
  • Next is Bow, sling. It is 9 millennium years old.
  • Microlith technology. It is 9th millennium years old.
  • Copper technology was launched around 8000 BC.
  • Agriculture and Plough technology came around 8000 BC.
  • Wheel the big and important technology came around 4000 BC, and it was the major change in the world.
  • Gnomon technology came in 4000 BC.
  • Writing systems technology was invented around 3500 BC.
  • Then Bronze technology came around 3300 BC.
  • Chariot technology came around 2000 BC.

Some more technology came time by a time like Iron, Sundial, Glass, Catapult, Horseshoe, and Stirrup. The human has seen much change time by the time in the society and in culture. Technology growth is wealth growth so it is important for human life.