The History of English Movies

The history of English movie industry dates back in the same time as most of the other European countries and America. American movies and actors infiltrated deeply into England in 1913. This fashion became too popular that a London based film company called Dr Ralph Jupp’s started making films in the UK casting American actors. Today, movies can now be watched on sites like gomovies 123 free.

The English movie industry faced problems of having difficulty to maintain their pace with the advancing technology that most of the foreign film producers were making. This resulted in technical comparison of English movie industry with its European and American counterparts.

English Movies

The theatre culture also had a great impact on the English movies. The English movies presented the same style of screen play as stage play. Most of the English movies ended up in the same actors and sets that were used in the play.

The WW I caused more problems for the English movie industry. The audiences seemed to be more inclined towards American films. The American movies were so much praised that there was hardly any money left for production by 1918. The downfall continued despite private sponsorships infused the English movie industry. The downfall continued and the English movies finally ceased completely in 1924.

English Movies

Luckily afterwards, the dedicated efforts of some film producers and actors revived the English movie industry in 1927. The Cinematographers were brought into the Trade Bill In the same year. This move was primarily for ensuring that there was a guaranteed home market for English Movies.